Marblelyn was an ancient city, a booming hub of magic located on the Marble Island in the center of Estia. It hosted the most elite magic schools in the land, and some of the most powerful Wizards, Sorcerers, and Clerics of all time lived there. It was mostly home to dedicated scholars, who would spend hours a day studying the ancient lore of the arcane arts. Marblelyn was known across the lands for its great accomplishments in the world of magic, and aspiring mages would flock to it from every continent.

But the great knowledge possessed by the Marblelytes led them down a path of arrogance and corruption. Over the years, the magic schools became increasingly selective and disdainful of outsiders, and the city came to be ruled over by an oligarchy known as the Scholars of Marblelyn: Clerics and Wizards who believed themselves to be among the most powerful beings in the world. Non-magic-users were shunned from the city, and it became increasingly isolated from the outside world. As the scholars of Marblelyn grew more and more secretive, the events within the walls became a mystery, and the city became the subject of many great rumors and legends. Some claimed that they had discovered an entirely new school of magic; others thought the city was so irradiated with magical energy that it was simply impossible for outsiders to comprehend; some even thought that the Scholars of Marblelyn had permanently ascended to the Higher Planes, and had left the city to fall to dust. Today, the city of Marblelyn is in ruin – its walls are crumbled, its towers fallen, the entire metropolis buried deep under the scorched earth of the Marble Wastes. There is no agreed-upon cause for the fall of the great Marble City, and most at this point have forgotten about its existence.

One of the legends of Marblelyn involved a set of artifacts called the Relics of Marblelyn. It was said that the Marblelyte Clerics had become so corrupted by their power that they believed they no longer needed the gods. Wishing to shake off the chains of divine servitude, the Clerics sought the help of the Wizards to place the powers of the gods in the hands of man, and thus completely eliminate any need for divine aid. This resulted in the creation of the Relics of Marblelyn: seven immensely powerful magical artifacts, one for each divine domain. It was said that, in the proper hands, a relic could give its wielder complete power over its respective domain. If a mage were to possess all seven relics, the legend said, he would be more powerful than any being in the multiverse.

The Relics of Marblelyn